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Welcome to Salt Water Design

Hi, I’m Jacque: just the guy to take on your brand’s next design project!

Salt Water Design is the culmination of my 15 years of experience in consumer media publishing, marketing agencies and as an independent. The quality of my work with brands including Nestlé, Barclays, Nando’s, DHL, Emirates and Red Bull speaks for itself.

My team and I enjoy handling anything from a simple business card, logo or website design for a freelance artist to conceptualising and producing a range of branded products for a multinational company. We do design in the widest sense of the word, including illustration, web development and copywriting. We’ll even deal with physical manufacturing if that’s what you need.

We also design and execute social media and email marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients.

You’ll find me in South Africa’s creative nerve centre: Cape Town. In this city we’re surrounded by inspiration yet globally connected. Our time zone is the same as that of Paris – but the surfing’s way better!



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